Annual meeting 2019-2020

Annual meeting are scheduled

Friday, August 9 from 15:00-17:00

Opening Seminar

Speaker: Mr. James Hsu (Founder and Owner of Flower Tile Museum, Chiayi).

Capacity: 50 people, reserve to admyzj@ccu.edu.tw.com.
Venue: New Creation Building 1F Auditorium Room.
Expense: Free

Topic: Flower tiles were manufactured in Japan and exported to Taiwan from 19:00 to 19:30. Many houses in Taiwan were decorated by beautiful Flower Tiles. 100 years passed... and the old houses with Flower Tiles have been destroyed. Mr. Hsu and his wife were very concerned about it and started to save Flower Tiles. They have collected over 5,000 Flower Tiles and they have opened the museum in downtown Chiayi, his birth place. Please visit the website at https://www.1920t.com/.

Friday, August 9 from 18:00-20:00

Opening Party

Venue: Activity Center 1F Restaurant.
Expense: Free

1. Opening remarks by Dean and Professor She-I Chang, College of Management, National Chung Cheng University.
2. Celebration remarks by Consulate Mr. Eiji Kato, Consulate Office at Kaohsiung Japanese Embassy.
3. Saxophone Performance by EMBA student.

Friday, September 6 from 15:00-17:00

Seminar: Necessity of Cybersecurity Specialist

Speaker: Masatoshi Sakaki(IBA) & Professor Jack Huang

Capacity: 25 people, reserve to admyzj@ccu.edu.tw.com.
Venue: New Creation Building.
Expense: Free

Topic: We are living in a connected Internet world. All the computers are connected to each other. This is tremendously useful for computer users. Almost all people ... are using emails or SNS. You may have experience of having received strange spam emails, for example “Hi” or “Hello” in the title. It is highly likely that you got the email infected with a virus or worm. Hackers are always looking for unprotected communication lines, insecure network architecture such as vulnerable systems without any antivirus software. Companies, public organizations and the governments are also targeted and attacked by hackers. Both the speakers have been engaged in cybersecurity education for a long time. You will understand the necessity of cybersecurity specialists and the methods how to safeguard your computer system.

Friday, October 4 from 15:00-17:00

Seminar: Japanese Sake – its history, culture and religious relations.

Speaker: Mr. Janhong Lin & Mr. Masatoshi Sakaki

Capacity: 50 people, reserve to admyzj@ccu.edu.tw.com.
Venue: New Creation Building 1F Auditorium Room.
Expense: Free

Topic: Japanese Sake is imported to Taiwan in recent years. Its brewery has a long history of over 1000 years. It was originally brewed at Shinto shrines and served to Gods.There are many kinds... of alcoholic drinks in the world and each has its own history and social background. Sake is the same as other alcoholic drinks such as wine, whisky, beer, etc., but especially Sake fits to Japanese cuisines (Washoku). You can see a lot of business people are enjoying Sake at informal pubs (Izakaya) in Japan. Prime Minister Abe accommodated President Trump at Izakaya the other day. Mr. Lin is a professional of Sake. Mr. Sakaki is also really interested in Sake and he has tried to drink over 400 different kinds of Sake in his life. You can enjoy and hear lots of worthwhile things from them and learn how to serve Sake.

Annual meeting are scheduled

Friday, October 4 from 18:00-20:00

Kikizake Party (Kikizake: Experience the quality of sake by tasting)

Venue: Activity Center Restaurant.
Exchance Party with Kappa-no-Kai
Expense: Restaurant change (NT$500)

Topic: You can taste different kinds of Sake. At the same time, you will enjoy the method serving Sake by Masu. Masu is made of wood with nice aroma such as Ali Mountain’s Hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtuse).

Friday, November 8 from 15:00-17:00

Seminar: Japanese Clothing and Manners

Speaker: Ms. Yoko Suga & Ms. May Yen

Capacity: 15 people (women only) reserve to
Venue: New Creation Building 1F Auditorium Room.
Expense: Free

Topic: Language education is not technical but philosophical. Each language has its own background; culture, society, history, way of thinking, etc. Business communication ... has also the same aspects. Ms. Yoko Suga has been engaged in Japanese language education for a long time in Taiwan, China and Japan. She has classes (Japanese Business Communication) at International Graduate School of Tohoku University and has recognized the necessity of teaching business communication skills and manners with those invisible things such as cultural, historical, and spiritual background. Ms. May Yen has studied English for a long time and she will start a career as an instructor of English Business Communication at International Business Alliance Inc.’s seminar. You will learn a lot of elegant things by their lecture.

Friday, December 6 from 15:00-17:00

Seminar and Group Discussion: Exchange between Taiwan and Japan – Past, Present and Future.

Speaker: Professor Jimmy Tsay & Professor Toshifumi Takada

Capacity: 45 people Kappa-no-Kai people will join reserve to admyzj@ccu.edu.tw.com.
Venue: Taipei Satellite of National Chung Cheng University.
Expense: Free

Topic: Taiwan and Japan has a history of over 100 years when Japan started the governance of Taiwan after the Sino-Japanese War (of 1894‐95). Many Taiwanese and... Japanese people contributed to each country; Mr. Yoich Hatta constructed the famous beautiful dam in Tainan, KANO got to the final of the National High School Baseball Championship of Japan, commonly known as “Summer Koshien”, Mr. Momofuku Ando (Wu) is known as the inventor of instant noodles and the creator of the brands, Cup Noodles, and founded Nisshin Food Products Company.
Beautiful Flower Tiles were exported to Taiwan, on the other hands, Ali Mountain Hinoki woods were exported to Japan, etc. Both the speakers are famous professors in Taiwan and Japan and they are now co-operating together for International Business Alliance Inc.’s seminar. Members of Kappa-no-Kai (Friendship Exchange Organization between Taiwan and Japan) will join this seminar. Please note this seminar and group discussion are to be held in Taipei.

Friday, January 10 from 15:00-17:00

Seminar New Information Technology

Speaker: Mr. Masatoshi Sakaki & Professor Toshifumi Takada

Capacity:25 people, reserve to admyzj@ccu.edu.tw.com.
Venue:New Creation Building.
Expense: Free

Topic: AI, IOT and applications of those information technologies can be used by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). SMEs used to be integrated into a big business and they ... have been facing many difficulties in such environment. Now even SMEs can use low-cost sensors and they can exchange data horizontally. SMEs have their own technologies and strong know-hows. They can activate such assets by using information technologies. Mr. Sakaki is specialized in this field and also a professional accountant specializing in IT. Professor Takada is doing a research about practical use of AI in the field of professional accountant. He is teaching AI programming for graduate students at NCCU. You will learn get many hints for your business.

Hosting Organizations:
(1) NCCU College of Management
Dean: Professor She-I Chang
(2) International Business Alliance Inc.
President: Yoko Suga
Directors: Masatoshi Sakaki, Toshifumi Takada

English or Japanese is a language of the programs. Sarah-san will translate English and Japanese into Chinese.
Program Leader: Toshifumi Takada (Professor, College of Management, NCCU) Email: ttakada0830@gmail.com